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Customer support is one of our main priorities at SMTP2GO. We’re unique in that our support agents are trained to guide you through every process from sales queries to technical support.

The reason for this is that when you get in touch, you can feel confident knowing that you’re speaking to a small team who understand you and your business. We provide a personalised service so you’ll generally speak to the same customer support representatives in your timezone, no matter what your query. If you need more specialised help, we can escalate your problems to a more specific department.

With that in mind, in September Lukas (Head of Support) and Brianna (Customer Support Agent) travelled to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Centre to attend the Inbound 2017 Marketing and Sales Conference. The focus of the trip was to learn from other companies and to see how they integrated their sales and support roles.

“For me, this conference was a great way to see where SMTP2GO can go as a company and where I can help make improvements personally.

The conference also showed me that we are already on a great path with our focus on customer service.”

– Brianna (Customer Support Agent)

The highlights of the trip included the keynote talks by HubSpot founders Brian Halligan and Darmesh Shah on the growth of inbound marketing and why customer and employee happiness are key to successful businesses. They also attended Michelle Obama’s presentation on being your authentic self, drawing the correlation between businesses and their employees being authentic in order to best serve their customers.

One of the main concepts that our colleagues took away from the conference were new ways to integrate sales and customer service as well as marketing into our current model.

“I learned a lot about how to better serve our customers and potential new customers. We already have a focus on providing great onboarding experiences, but there’s always room for improvement. I found the speakers at the breakout sessions very informative and fun!

Some highlights for me included seeing Michelle Obama speak – she’s an inspiring woman! We also saw John Cena speak and Judd Apatow made us all laugh. All up it was a fantastic week meeting fun people from all different types of businesses and making new friends!”

– Lukas (Head of Support)

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