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We aim to make our onboarding process as seamless as possible here at SMTP2GO but, very occasionally, there are a few wrinkles that need to be ironed out. We do have strict terms of service in place, in order to maintain the quality of our service for all of our customers. Wedding videographer, Philip London, hit a few bumps during the signup process but we helped him through and now he’s emailing like a pro!

We spoke to…

Award-winning wedding videographer, Philip London, who’s based in London, UK.

About Philip London

“I offer artistic story-based wedding videos over the traditional, more documentary-style wedding videos. My priority is to make weddings look really good… Sorry if that sounds vain! I think people want to look their very best on their wedding day and, come rain, hail or shine, want it to be remembered as a fairy tale day. With the technology now available, it is easier for anyone to shoot a high-resolution video BUT the lighting and composition, as well as the storytelling, are key skills that make all the difference. This is what I offer.”

What made you look for a SMTP2GO service provider?

“My inquiries are fairly low volume but very high value so, for me, it became obvious that I can’t end up in people’s spam folders, whilst my competitors potentially make it into inboxes. I assume that couples will make inquiries with several suppliers and I don’t want to lose that competitive edge. I think it is something that people probably overlook and assume they won’t go into junk folders, or that clients actually check their spam folders. They don’t! Everyone wants to do the latest thing – and often overlook the old, boring but important things, like making sure your email doesn’t end up in spam. If you think about the effort you put into getting inquiries, why would you then risk losing them to a junk folder?”

What do you use our service for?

“To try to maximize my best chance at inbox delivery with personal email addresses. Most of my clients are private individuals and not companies, so I think I am often up against harsher spam filters with the hotmails and gmails of the world.”

What do you like about our service?

“Your customer service, as well as the email reputation. When I first signed up, I had to make a fairly technical adjustment with the EXIM in my server and email settings. This caught me out actually: as I run a few websites, I was forwarding emails in order to send emails from one site to another’s email inbox, so I can check them all at once… This is against SMTP2GO’s terms of service and I was shocked to see my account had been blocked for breaking these terms. This was, however, quickly resolved and corrected. Despite the initial frustration, if anything, it showed me first hand that SMTP2GO takes the reputation of their IPs and servers very seriously. This became a plus. All companies tend to say that they have high standards in their marketing blurb, but this experience backed it up.”

For your business, what are the key benefits?

“Being able to reply to high value enquirers and not have my reply missed by going into a junk folder.”

How did you find the sign up/onboarding process?

“A little involved, but we got there in the end!”

If you were to recommend us to a friend, what would you say?

“Definitely go for it, you only need to lose one inquiry to a spam filter…”

Thank you, Philip!

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