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From big corporations, sending millions of emails per month, to the smaller guys sending less (but equally important) messages, we’re delighted to help all kinds of businesses keep their bounce and spam rates low. Here we chat to Ivo Kuipers, a freelance developer, who’s based in the Netherlands and is a SMTP2GO newbie.

Welcome, Ivo! Tell us about yourself…

I’m a freelance developer – using PHP as a primary programming language. I’m specialized in creating web applications including sales and planning systems.

Interesting! Can you please tell us a little more?

I’m using SMTP2GO for a client of mine, and I created a state-of-the-art planning system for them. This system will reduce their current manual work by 90%. In the web application, the client plans site visits every 6 weeks, 6 months and 12 months. The system automatically shows which site visits needs to be planned. After planning, the system will automatically inform the customer about the visit and, then afterwards, it will send an invoice if the visit was successful.

So what made you look for an SMTP service provider? Was there a particular pain-point that needed solving?

The system needs to send around 300 emails per day and without SMTP2GO the bounce rate was really high. Also, a lot of customers complained that the email was landing in the Spam Folder. Outlook (including Hotmail and Live) was the biggest problem. When I used SMTP2GO for the first time, the bounce rate went under the 1% and the spam rate 0%! 🙂

Awesome! For your business, what are the key benefits of using SMTP2GO?

The coronavirus has had a huge impact on business and the way we work: is there a specific way that using our service has helped during recent months?

Not that much, to be honest… BUT we’ve had the possibility to send more information to customers without the fear that the email is not received.

As a new member, how did you find the sign up/onboarding process?

That was very easy! Also the domain verification was great. I was fully set up in five minutes! That was also because my DNS provider was very fast. The wizard to setup was very user-friendly.

If you were to recommend us to a friend, what would you say?

I have tested some systems who also offer dedicated IP’s but none of them worked like SMTP2GO. After lots of research, this worked the best! All others have problems with Outlook and are expensive. SMTP2GO offers a dedicated IP for a great price – and everything works. 

If we can help you with the sending of your transactional emails, let us know! We’re always happy to help. 

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