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Edenred provides prepaid corporate services, including employee benefits, meal vouchers and loyalty programs. Edenred operates in 45 countries and a staggering 44 million employees use their services worldwide.

Edenred have been using SMTP2GO to send some vitally important emails during the Covid-19 pandemic and here we speak to David Weight, Director of IT, UK. 

Can you please tell me a little more about what Edenred does?

We provide (in the UK) products that target employee motivation, savings and benefits services utilising vouchers and gift cards. In 2020/2021, we provided the mechanism for Free School Meals to be delivered digitally through the COVID pandemic. This affected more than 20,000 schools and 1.3 million applicable children.

What made Edenred look for an SMTP service provider?

For the Free School Meals program we needed a solution that was more scalable than ours and cost effective. It also needed to be UK/Europe based. We ran the FSM program using SMTP2GO.

For your business, what are the key benefits of using SMTP2GO?  

Easy to set up, administer and run.  It also provided us with a level of reporting that we previously did not have, allowing us to monitor volume and manage failures.

How did you find the sign up/onboarding process?  

Very straightforward and very quick! We were under tight time pressure but were able to hit our targets.

If you were to recommend us to a friend, what would you say?  

SMTP2GO offers a service that is competitive in the industry.  It is easy to use, cost effective and very reliable. The customer service is excellent and with support that you can trust.

If you’d like to share your experience of using our service, please contact us.

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