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American Fizz is one of the largest importers and distributors of American food, groceries, candy, and soda in the UK, offering more than 3,000 authentic products. In this case study, we hear from Tom Turner, Chief Technical Officer at American Fizz, as he explains SMTP2GO is used for sending all non-marketing communications and allows the company to control their email requirements with ease. 

For those of us living outside of the United States, and raised on a diet of American TV shows and movies, we tend to have a huge curiosity for American candy and foodstuffs. I confess that I’m still not 100% sure what a Twinkie is but I am certain it’s delicious. Thanks to American Fizz, I can get to try! 


“Unrivaled reliability and ease of use, with world class customer service.” 

Tom Turner, Chief Technical Officer at American Fizz


“SMTP2GO is everything you could possibly want from an email provider. The SMTP2GO service is fast and easy to set up. Over the years that I have been with SMTP2GO, I cannot recall a single technical issue, downtime or deliverability problem.

The user interface is simple and straightforward. It is not overly complicated. There are no excessive menus or fancy effects. It is clean, functional and intuitive.

The pricing structure is simple and fair. There is a free service for new users, with no strings attached, and a premium service for higher volume users like myself. SMTP2GO charges you simply on the number of emails you send. They don’t try to catch you out with silly rules like per domain charges, or per contact list, or anything like that. It’s straightforward billing.

The customer service is fantastic. Honestly one of the best customer service experiences from all of the providers I work with. Over the years we have experienced a few issues with our website. SMTP2GO got in touch with us to warn us of the unusual activity. Rather than suspending our account, SMTP2GO quickly helped us resolve the problem. They have been very patient when we have been too busy to respond fast, and they have responded almost instantly when we have needed their help.

When our phone calls have disconnected, they have called me back instantly. This company clearly puts customer service front and center. I can say, with all honesty, SMTP2GO is one of the finest businesses we work with. We work with three different email partners for various different solutions (notifications, marketing, etc).

There is nothing I dislike about SMTP2GO. The interface is plain and simple. Some people will look for things to improve, just for the sake of it. Some people see simple as ‘bare’ or lacking in features. I see simple as the most effective way for a professional to get their work done without dither, delay, or hassle.

SMTP2GO is the best hassle-free solution for outgoing emails. SMTP2GO provides everything you could want from an outgoing email provider. It is fast and easy, it is incredibly reliable, it offers amazing deliverability, and provides world-class service whenever you need it. Even if the problem is your own, they are always happy to help. Don’t waste your time going elsewhere! 

Please do not change! Your simple interface, straightforward service, and hassle-free customer service is a breath of fresh air in the often over-complicated world of IT.”

Many thanks, to Tom and to American Fizz

Tom left us a review on G2. If you’d like to do the same, hop right on 🙂 

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