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In recent months, there’s been a lot of noise surrounding ChatGPT. No longer something just for the techies, ChatGPT has crossed over into the mainstream and has taken the online world by the collar!

Created by OpenAI – a research institution that develops artificial intelligence systems to benefit, as they say, all of humanity – the language model uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to generate helpful text as if a human wrote it.

When asked to describe itself, this is what ChatGPT replied:

“Well, imagine if you could have a group of highly intelligent and witty friends who are available 24/7 to discuss any topic that interests you, share memes, play games, and provide helpful advice or support whenever you need it. It’s a virtual wonderland where you can expand your knowledge, improve your social skills, and have a blast at the same time!”

Blimey, ChatGPT, that’s quite a claim!

ChatGPT, which uses deep learning techniques to generate natural-sounding, human-like text, is already a game-changer for email marketing campaigns the world over and many businesses are utilizing ChatGPT to generate personalized and engaging emails at scale.

So can ChatGPT help you write better emails?

It can most definitely help you write emails quickly – as well as generate ideas for email subject lines, preview text and body content with human-like language. Just be very clear in your prompt and give as much information as possible to improve the outcome. It’s very hard to say, however, if they’ll be better, more successful or created in the correct tone. Delegating email creation to ChatGPT will save time and effort when compared to manual execution but will they sound genuine or as on-brand? 

The language model’s lack of proper personalization, and being slightly off-kilter when it comes to correct tone of voice, are giveaways that an email hasn’t been hand-crafted. ChatGPT is not so great at the subtleties of human communication that email recipients have grown to expect. Yet!

For now, emails still need the human touch. Use ChatGPT as a base point for marketing emails but then edit them to sound like they’ve come from you/your company. It’s much easier to edit an email than to write it from scratch. ChatGPT is a great starting point – just don’t over-rely on it – as recipients could be put off by this. Also, don’t let the ease of it lure you into sending more emails than you should! Again, this wouldn’t be a good thing. There’s no mistaking that this is a useful tool to have in your marketing kit if used with prudence. Give it a go!

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