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  • Support has a Brand New Look!

    Since Zendesk’s recent updates, our Knowledge Base has gotten a shiny new upgrade. Here, you’ll find all the info you need about our email delivery, technical details, billing info, API setups and SPF/ DKIM guides. Take a look, have a browse, and let us know if you need any additional assistance. You can email us or get in touch via […]

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    May & June Updates

    This month’s SMTP2GO updates include a range of stability and bug fixes. We have also implemented some delivery improvements. Adjustments are continually made to our hard/soft bounce classification system, to ensure that it stays as accurate as possible. We have added and classified a significant number of known responses given by recipient mail servers. Email […]

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    April Release & Updates

    SMTP2GO’s latest release brings several bug fixes, updates and some useful new features. Optional sending rate limits have been introduced and can be set globally for all SMTP users in an account or applied on a per user basis. To apply a limit to all SMTP users in an account, log in to your SMTP2GO dashboard, […]

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    Recent DMARC Changes at Yahoo and AOL

    In recent weeks, Yahoo and AOL have made changes to their respective DMARC policies, and it is likely that other ISPs will follow suit in the near future. This guide will attempt to answer any questions you may have about the changes, and provide insight on updating your outbound email strategy according to the new […]

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    March Release & Updates

    SMTP2GO’s newest release brings general enhancements and updates to improve the user experience. If you joined or upgraded your SMTP2GO account after June 2013 (and are therefore paying via our new payment processor called Fastspring) you now have the ability to purchase blocks of extra emails. You can do this to temporarily increase your email […]

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