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  • Is Email Formatting Affecting Your Inbox Delivery?

    If you’ve followed our tips to prevent your email going into spam folders but you’re still having issues, your email formatting may be to blame. In order to determine which emails are accepted by recipient servers, mailbox providers follow RFC protocol on email formatting and content. In the last number of years, in order to […]

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    Having Trouble Sending with Outlook on Windows 10?

    Since downloading Windows 10, a lot of people have been experiencing issues sending mails via Outlook. You may see the following error message: User account – Sending’ reported error (0x800CCC13): ‘Cannot connect to the network. Verify your network connection or modem. If this happens, you’ll need to repair corrupted files by using the Windows System File Checker […]

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    How to Get Unblocked From mail.ru

    Emails sent to mail.ru email addresses can occasionally be blocked. Mail.ru provides a solution to this issue by allowing domains to be added to their list of approved senders. Adding these domains requires proof of ownership. This also applies to other domains controlled by mail.ru such as bk.ru and list.ru. To do this, create a free […]

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    Orange SMTP Server in France

    We have had reports that the ISP Orange, in France, has blocked the use of any external SMTP server other than their own. This is the only ISP in the world that we are currently aware of that has implemented this very strict policy. If you are using SMTP2GO, it is still worth trying to […]

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