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  • An SMTP Server For HP CM2320 Multifunction Printers

    The CM2320 range of HP multifunction printers (CM2320fxi, CM2320nf) have the ability to send emails. They do, however, have one major limitation: they are unable to use SMTP authentication. In order to send emails from one of these printers, you will need an SMTP server that does not require authentication. SMTP2GO provides an SMTP server […]

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    An SMTP Server for Xerox WorkCentres

    Xerox WorkCentres have a feature called ‘Scan to E-mail’ which can be used to send emails. The feature works great as long as you have an SMTP server that can either authenticate using what is known as ‘POP before SMTP authentication’, or can authenticate based on the sender’s IP address or ‘From’ email address. SMTP2GO […]

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