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  • March Release & Updates

    SMTP2GO’s newest release brings general enhancements and updates to improve the user experience. If you joined or upgraded your SMTP2GO account after June 2013 (and are therefore paying via our new payment processor called Fastspring) you now have the ability to purchase blocks of extra emails. You can do this to temporarily increase your email […]

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    New Feature: Inserting Unsubscribe Links in your Emails

    We’ve just released a much requested feature, giving our customers the ability to easily insert an unsubscribe link in the emails that they send. This can be found from the ‘Settings > More > Unsubscribe Options‘ page in your SMTP2GO control panel. When you send an email newsletter to multiple recipients, your recipients will expect […]

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    New Web-based Email Marketing Service

    We’re proud to announce the launch of Fluttermail Email Marketing, a really useful web-based service for creating and sending email newsletters to thousands of your contacts. While SMTP2GO is perfect for sending important transactional and day-to-day emails, and for integrating with email software or apps that need an SMTP server to work, Fluttermail is an […]

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