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When trusting an international company to handle your emails, it’s nice to know exactly who’s who and what’s what! That’s why we’ve put together this blog, so you can get to know the team a little better.

Our headquarters are based in Christchurch, New Zealand. If you ever visit our city, you can find us in the EPIC Center. The center is home to some truly inspirational tech and innovation companies.

EPIC Center, Christchurch, New Zealand: Home to SMTP2GO

Christchurch is the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand. Its name in Māori (the indigenous language of NZ) is Ōtautahi. The city itself has about 377,200 residents which makes it a smallish population, but we’re known for having massive hearts.

Some of our developers work out of Christchurch (Yuki & David), as well as our CEO, Charlie. The head of our support team, Lukas is also based there. One of our other support agents, Rick, lives in New Zealand too, in Motueka. Our other developer, David, lives in Hamilton, and Matt lives in Cheviot.

David Mcnab SMTP2GO DeveloperÑ I'm David, I'm from Hamilton, and I work on the SMTP2GO back end. Outside of work, I enjoy riding my Harley-Davidson.

Just a short flight away, the head of our Review Team, Lucy, lives in Melbourne, Australia. Across the sea, in the Philippines, you’ll find some more members of our Review Team: Rodrigo, Rhen and Kristina. The last member of the team is Emma, who lives in Colombia.

Rhen from SMTP2GOÑ Hello. I'm Rhen. I'm from Manila working for SMTP2GO's Review Team. Besides loving to work with iced coffee on the side, I spend most of my time being a super mom of four.

If you’re working out of a European time-zone and you’ve got a question, you’ll be in touch with some of our Customer Support Agents in Europe. Charlotte works out of London, Louise and Teresa are based in Madrid, and James is in wee bonny Scotland- Edinburgh to be precise. Dom and Jenn cover the US Support hours, with Dom living in Georgia, and Jenn in Washington. While you’re stateside you’ll also find Amberlee, our UX Designer in San Diego.

Teresa and LouiseÑ Customer Success Engineers at SMTP2GO

We’ve got a really low staff-turnover, and most of our team have been around for years. It means that any time you get in touch, you’ll be sure to see the same faces. Since our team is small, it also means that our inter-team communication is super effective, so if you’ve been in touch before, we can get each up to speed really quickly without you having to explain your issue over and over again.

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