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Since 2011, the Cloud Awards and SaaS Awards have been celebrating excellence and innovation in the scope of cloud-based “solutions as a service”. SMTP2GO are proud to announce that we have been shortlisted in the 2019-2020 Cloud Awards program!

We are competing in the Best SaaS (non-U.S.) category along with other remarkable names in the field of SaaS. This award will go to the best web-based software based outside of the United States. The award looks to reward services with innovative customization, and those which solve a universal problem. The program received entries from hundreds of organizations from right across the globe, so the competition is fierce.

Head of Operations for the Cloud Awards, James Williams, said:

“Simply, SMTP2GO has recognized the importance of adopting and pioneering leading cloud technologies in order to deliver outstanding client success, which is why they’re a deserving finalist in the Cloud Awards program. The Cloud Awards team already had a near-impossible task sorting the exceptional from the excellent and the bleeding-edge from the cutting-edge. Weighing both proven successes and exceptional promise across several unique categories is a constant challenge.

We see organizations not only adopting leading technologies, but constantly innovating and leveraging their expertise to provide unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction.”

The winners will be announced towards the end of January 2020, so watch this space!



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