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Christmas is over: the bottles are stacked for recycling and all remaining chocolate is hidden away! It’s now the time to look ahead and consider what the coming year will hold, while giving a nod of gratitude to the year that’s past. In this fireside chat, Charles Abrahamson, SMTP2GO’s CEO, shares his reflections of 2019 and intentions for 2020.

As we’re entering our 14th year, remind us how/why the company was started and how it has evolved during this time.

The company was originally started as a solution for individuals to send emails while away from their home/office, as the SMTP services they often used prohibited them from doing so. It has evolved into a provider to businesses who are looking for a good solution to handle all aspects of email delivery on their behalf.

For you, as CEO, what were the highlights of 2019?

A few highlights have been an overhaul of the key reporting pages within the App, consolidating them into an Activity page, which is much more intuitive to use than the multiple pages we had before. We’ve made big improvements to App speed, basically eliminating any frustration that was there from the previous year. Overhauling the ‘Sender Domain’ setup process has really streamlined the setup process. And, of course, the high customer satisfaction rating we’ve been receiving, which often mention the quality of the support team.

We’ve undergone a few changes in recent months, which do you think have had the biggest impact?

I have been very happy with all of the progress made this year, especially with key pages in the App, mentioned above. Changes to our billing system have been in the works for many months, and will be a really helpful change when made live. Progressing the API and API documentation hasn’t been as fast as we’d like, and we’ve already made changes at our end so we can hit the ground running in January in that regard.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learnt from something going wrong this year?

I would say from a business perspective it is important to regularly look at what isn’t being currently done that needs to be done, then try and lockdown as much as possible into a roadmap to achieve those goals. This also needs to be regularly reviewed, and if goals aren’t being met, decisions need to be made to increase speed, including hiring additional personnel with relevant skills and experience. It sounds like common sense, but it can be too easy for businesses to not constantly strive for growth and change, and settle for the status quo.

What’s on the horizon for 2020 and beyond? 

Major planned work includes finalizing our WordPress App, and integrations with other external providers. The API, along with its documentation, is getting a complete refresh. Our entire onboarding process is currently being redesigned from the ground up, to make it as seamless as possible for new members to join and start sending. A few new additions of features are likely, including email templates, subaccount functionality, SMS sending, and an improved billing process. A potential rebrand is in the works as well!

We will keep you posted! Happy New Year from the SMTP2GO team.


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