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It’s 2022, incredibly… 2021 went by in a flash, and it’s like 2020 got lost in the ether! Hands up if you look at photos from 2019 and think it’s last year! So, here we are knee-deep in January. It’s not the best month of the year but it is a great time to reflect on the year that’s past and take a look at what’s ahead. 

Our CEO, Charles Abrahamson, shares what’s on the cards for SMTP2GO in 2022

“We’re now growing faster than ever, and a lot of this growth has come from improvements to our onboarding, making sure that new customers have a good idea about the steps they need to take to get started. We’ve taken on a few extra team members over the past year, and the whole team has performed exceptionally well, including getting our new members up to speed.

I’ve been very impressed with our development team, including developers we’ve taken on in the past year or two, who are now able to make changes, tweaks, and add new features faster than ever. Continuing on this track, 2022 will aim to be the year for speed – adding new features quickly and reliably. We’ll focus on pushing projects to completion (while making sure we are working on the right projects to begin with).

We have our SMS tool almost ready for release, which will assist many of our customers who are currently relying on free ’email to SMS’ gateways, which can prove to be rather unreliable at times.

Our new payment gateway, Chargebee, will also be gradually released to customers in different areas over January and February. This will allow us to have detailed invoices, and the ability to accept different methods of payment in a more seamless manner, including direct debit, ACH, and SEPA. Our customers will also finally see our name on their credit card statements, rather than the name of our previous payment processor.

We are introducing Australia-based email delivery servers, for customers interested in keeping everything within Australia. These are mostly setup and ready to go.

A rebrand is also likely in the near future, so keep an eye out for this! Any new name is likely to have fewer than six syllables and probably not involve a technical acronym!

Happy 2022!

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