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Step 1

To change the settings on your Xerox WorkCentre, you need to access your printer through a web browser.
Before you begin:

  1. TCP/IP and HTTP must be enabled to access your printer’s webpage (known as CentreWare Internet Services). If you disable either of these services, enable them at the printer before accessing CentreWare Internet Services.
  2. You need your printer’s IP address. If you are unsure what this is, you can find it on the Configuration Report that gets printed at startup by default.

Step 2

At your computer, open a web browser (such as Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer), and type the IP address of the printer in the address field, then press Enter.
Note: If your printer is locked, type the system administrator user name and password to access the Properties tab. The administrator user name is admin and the default password is 1111.

Step 3

Configuring SMTP Settings

  1. In CentreWare Internet Services, click Properties > Connectivity > Protocols.
  2. Click SMTP (Email).
  3. Under Required Information, select Select Specify SMTP Server manually.
  4. Select Host Name as the address type.
  5. Enter mail.smtp2go.com as the host name, and enter 2525 as the port number.
  6. Enter the email address you wish to have the emails sent from into the Email Address field.
  7. Under Login Credentials for the printer, select System. This option instructs the printer to use the Login Name and Password configured on this page.
  8. Enter your SMTP2GO SMTP Username into Login Name and your SMTP Password into Password.
  9. Disable APOP.
  10. Click Apply to save the new settings.

Further information is available by accessing your printer’s documentation at the Xerox website.

Note: some Xerox devices do not allow special characters in the SMTP password, and you may need to use an IP address to connect.

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