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Step 1

Login to your server via SSH as ‘root’ user and change to your sSMTP configuration directory, which is normally at /etc/ssmtp. Please make a backup of the configuration file before making any changes.

cd /etc/ssmtp/
cp ssmtp.conf ssmtp.conf.backup

Step 2

Edit sSMTP configuration file ‘/etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf’ using your favorite editor such as ‘vi’ and add below code:

mailhub=mail.smtp2go.com:2525 // 8025, 587 and 25 can also be used.

Step 3

Replace USERNAME with your SMTP2GO Username and PASSWORD with your SMTP2GO password.

Step 4

You may test your settings by entering the following commands:

ssmtp recipient@example.com
To: recipient@example.com
From: sender@example.com
Subject: Test mail

Hi there!

Step 5

Press Ctrl+D when you are done.

Note: If you see an error ‘550 unable to verify sender address’ when trying to send an email after setting up, this means your ‘From’ email address doesn’t have a valid MX record setup yet. All emails must be sent from an email address that has an MX record at its domain name.

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