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This guide provides step-by-step instructions on integrating SMTP2GO with Ricoh Printers.



Step 1

Log in to the Ricoh Web Image Monitor in your browser. Check your Ricoh documentation for instructions detailing how to access the Web Image Monitor site.

Go to Device Management >> Configuration.

Step 2

Click the Email link under Device Settings.

Step 3

Go to the SMTP Section. Enter mail.smtp2go.com into SMTP Server Name field.

Enter 2525 into SMTP Port NoYou can also try using Server Port 25, 8025 or 587.

Select the On option from the SMTP Authentication.

Enter your email address into SMTP Auth, Email Address field.

Enter your SMTP2GO Username into SMTP Auth, User Name field.

Click the Change button of SMTP Auth, Password and enter your SMTP2GO password.

Leave the default Auto Select option for SMTP Auth, Encryption.

Click the OK button to save your SMTP settings.

Integrating SMTP2GO with Ricoh Printers should be an easy, quick and, hopefully, painless process. And going forward your email delivery should be outstanding.

Please note: some printers may still have a problem sending. The device may ask you to enter an IP address instead of an SMTP server.

If so, please refer to this knowledge base article on how to connect to an IP address for more information.

Certain copier models may also need to be power-cycled to activate the changes.

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