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This guide does not include Installation of Qmail.

Step 1

SMTP Authentication functionality is not included in Qmail. To add it to Qmail, you have to apply a patch. Please follow below steps to apply this patch and use SMTP2GO as your outgoing mail server (smarthost).

Step 2

Download the patch.

Copy the downloaded patch to Qmail’s source folder.

Stop the ‘Qmail’ service and run the following commands from Qmail’s source folder:

patch < qmail-remote-auth.patch
make setup check

Step 3

Create smtproutes control file with the following content. Usually, the control files are located in the/var/qmail/control/ folder.

// Ports 8025, 587 and 25 can also be used.

Step 4

Create remotesecrets control file with following content:


Step 5

Replace USERNAME with your SMTP2GO Username and PASSWORD with your SMTP2GO password.

Start the ‘Qmail’ service.

Step 6

You may test your settings by sending a test message from command line using qmail-inject as below or using your mail client.

echo to: recipient@example.com | /var/qmail/bin/qmail-inject

Note: If you see an error ‘550 unable to verify sender address’ when trying to send an email after setting up, this means your ‘From’ email address doesn’t have a valid MX record setup yet. All emails must be sent from an email address that has an MX record at its domain name.

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