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The PCSchool Student Management system allows custom SMTP relaying for email messaging. This guide will help configure your PCSchool system to use the SMTP2GO platform.

The setup requires altering the PCSchool.ws file which will need to be updated on each PCSchool workstation that will send email.

The workspace PCSchool.ws file can be found in the PCSchool\Programs\ directory.

The workspace files are text based and can be edited in any text editor. It can also be edited using the Workspace File Editor, found in the Utilities menu of any PCSchool module.

It is always important to create a backup of your .ws file before making any changes.

Step 1

Set “EmailMode” to SMTP:


Add the SMTP2GO server details:


SMTP2GO provides many options to suit your needs. We recommend 2525 or 587:


Step 2

Add the sending email address and name of the person sending email on this workstation.

EmailFromName=Lindsay X Smith

Step 3

And finally, setup the SMTP authentication options. You’ll need your SMTP Username and Password from your SMTP2GO dashboard (Settings > SMTP Users).


Step 4

Optionally, you can enable SSL for extra security.

To do this you will need to: set the port number to 465 or 8465.

And add the following to the Preferences.ini file:


Ready for better email delivery?

Try SMTP2GO free for as long as you like:

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