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To start adding SMTP details, open the “Systems Manager” application.

Step 1

Click the New button on the toolbar to create a new record.

Enter an SMTP Name. This is the reference you will choose when configuring document settings.

Step 2

Enter your SMTP Server name – mail.smtp2go.com

Enter the SMTP Port – we recommend port 25 or 2525. Other options include 465, and 587.

Step 3

Enter the User Name for the account used to send mail from the server. You can find this in the “Settings > SMTP Users” section of your SMTP2GO dashboard

To enter the Password, click the Browse button () to open the password entry dialog box.

Step 4

Enter the Sender’s Name and the Sender’s Email address.

Enter a Reply To email address, if applicable. This is the address to which the recipient’s reply will be sent.

Click the Save button to save your changes.

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