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Step 1

In your Groupmail.io application desktop, click Configuration then Mail, followed by SMTP Configurations.

If this is your first mail server configuration, click the “Create” button

Step 2

In the first text box on the Configuration page, enter a descriptive name. This can be anything you like, but we recommend that it contains “SMTP2GO”.

For the remaining fields, enter the following detail:

SMTP Host: mail.smtp2go.com

Port: 25 or 2525

HELO Hostname: Enter your domain name

Select the “Use STARTTLS” option.

Step 3

In the Host Authentication section, choose “LOGIN” as the authentication type.

Enter your SMTP username and password. This can be found in your SMTP2GO dashboard under “Settings > Users”.

Click “Send a Test Email” to check that the settings are working. You may find you need to try a different port number. Port 25, 2525, 587, and 8025 are also available.

Once everything is working, click “Save”.

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