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Step 1

Open Gamadyne Mailer and on the initial Welcome window click Use Indirect Delivery. This will set SMTP2GO as the global SMTP server.

Note: If you’re an existing user you can find this window again by going to Wizards > First-time greeting.

If you only want to set SMTP2GO as the SMTP server for a specific project then skip to Step 6.


Step 2

Enter mail.smtp2go.com as the Server Name and click Next.

Step 3

Set the Port and click Next.

Note: You can choose either port 25, 587 or 465.

Step 4

Choose Authentication type Login and enter the username and password combination from your SMTP2GO account’s Settings > SMTP Users section. Click Next.

Step 5

Select Yes for ‘Does this mail server require SSL/TLS encryption?’. Click Next and then click the Test SMTP Server button in the following window. You should get a success message and then click Finish.

Step 6

Optional – if you are only wanting to set SMTP2GO as the SMTP server for a specific project then:

  1. Create or open your existing project
  2. In the left side menu go to Servers > SMTP
  3. Select ‘Use project SMPT settings
  4. Enter the server details as covered above

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