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This guide was written with FileMaker Pro 14 in mind, however, the steps should apply for other recent versions.

Step 1

Click “File”, then Send” and “Mail”.

This will open the “Send Mail” dialogue box.

If this the first time you’re setting up SMTP sending, for the “Send via” option, choose “SMTP Server”.

To edit existing SMTP options (and “SMTP Server” is currently selected), click “Specify”.

Step 2


This is the “From” field of your outbound email (for example, your name).

E-mail Address

Enter the email address from which outgoing mail will be sent (for example, Me@MyCompany.com).

Reply-To Address

Enter the email address to which incoming replies will be sent. This is optional.

Outgoing SMTP Server

Enter:  mail.smtp2go.com


Enter one of the following: 25, 2525, 8025, 587
More port options can be found here.

Connection encryption

SMTP2GO recommends you choose TLS (Transport Layer Security).


Choose Plain Password (for no password encryption) or Cram‑MD5 (for password encryption).

User Name

Enter your SMTP2GO SMTP username. You can find SMTP authentication details by logging in to your SMTP2GO account and clicking “Settings > Users”.


Enter your SMTP2GO SMTP password.

Ready for better email delivery?

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