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Setting up Exim 4.xx with SMTP2GO is easy and fast.

Follow these steps to configure your exim to deliver mail via SMTP2GO using the debconf method. this document only describes the steps needed to configure to use SMTP2GO, the other settings needed to have a fully functional system are not covered as they vary on a site to site basis.

Instructions on Setting Up Exim4 on RHEL / CentOS.

Step 1

Please change the following variables in this guide:

USERNAME: your SMTP2GO username.

PASSWORD: your SMTP2GO password.

Step 2

Launch DebConf

Open a root shell and run “dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config”.

the first screen will appear, press enter.


Step 3

Choose “smarthost”

select one of the two “smarthost” options as appropriate, then TAB to the Ok button and press Enter.


Step 4

Configure “smarthost”

Pass through the next few pages adjusting the settings as needed until you get to the smarthost page.

Enter mail.smtp2go.com::2525 in the address name field and then proceed through the final pages.


Step 5


Now all that remains is to set the credentials for accessing SMTP2GO.

Using your favourite text editor put them in the file “/etc/exim4/passwd.client”.

If your chosen username or password contains the colon character (:), you will need to change them to remove the colon.


# password file used when the local exim is authenticating to a remote
# host as a client.
# see exim4_passwd_client(5) for more documentation
# Example:
### target.mail.server.example:login:password

Step 6

Setting up TLS

Run the following commands to enable TLS:


sudo apt-get install openssl
sudo /usr/share/doc/exim4-base/examples/exim-gencert

Step 7

Edit the file /etc/exim4/exim4.conf.localmacros using your favourite editor such as vi or nano and add the below line:


Note: If you see an error ‘550 unable to verify sender address’ when trying to send an email after setting up, this means your ‘From’ email address doesn’t have a valid MX record setup yet. All emails must be sent from an email address that has an MX record at its domain name.

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