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SMTP2GO provides an enterprise cPanel automation plugin that can take over the entire email setup process. It is primarily designed for hosting providers who manage many customer domains and email services.

The plugin is designed to complete the following tasks:

  • Add Verified Senders (also known as “sending domains”) to your SMTP2GO dashboard,
  • Add the required CNAME entries to the cPanel managed DNS as required for domain verification,
  • Verify the DNS changes have been fully propagated,
  • Add an SMTP user and complex password to your dashboard, and
  • Update the cPanel EXIM configuration files to allow email to send via SMTP2GO.

Step 1

SSH into your cPanel server as a privileged or root user and run the command:

rm -f installer && wget –no-check-certificate https://cpanelservice.smtp2go.com/storage/installer && bash installer

Make sure port 2087 is open on your firewall for incoming responses from our API.

Step 2

Checking the “Enable SMTP2GO” option will allow the plugin to update the cPanel configuration files so that the domain will automatically route emails via SMTP2GO. This is enabled by default.

Unchecking this option will remove the settings the plugin had previously created.

You can generate an API key by logging in to your SMTP2GO dashboard, clicking “Sending > API Keys”.

Step 3

Your domains are displayed on the main screen and offer at-a-glance status information.

You can use the “Filter” option to filter by status.

Step 4

You can manually “Enable” or “Disable” any domain from being used by the plugin by clicking the drop down arrow at the right of the page.

The “Domain Details” option shows a domain status listing. Copy this information if you need to contact support about a domain.

  • zIf you have a non standard or 3rd party firewall, you will need to add an exception for the plugin to function correctly on port 2525. You may also need to open port 2087 for incoming requests.
  • PHP execution permission is required for the plugin to function.
  • In php.ini, the following option will need to be set:
    allow_url_fopen => On
  • The plugin will display a “Processing” state until the DNS updates have fully propagated. Until then, no sending is attempted via SMTP2GO.
  • The plugin can only update DNS records on the server on which it is installed.
  • Domain propagation is not always instant. The plugin will automatically check DNS status updates.

More information can be found in our Knowledge Base.

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