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These instructions cover the steps required to send email through SMTP2Go on the more recent Apple iPhones (ie, running the operating system iOS 12 and later). While the screenshots feature iPhone screens, the instructions are fundamentally the same for the newer iPads.

These instructions will help you to:

  • Set up a new SMTP2Go mail account on your device, and/or
  • Change any or all of your existing mail accounts on your device, to take advantage of SMTP2Go’s superior delivery systems

If you are using an older Apple mobile device – an iPhone or iPad with iOS 11 or earlier, please refer to the earlier guides:


Step 1

To get into your mail accounts, you first need to select ‘Settings’ from the main screen in your iPhone:

Step 2

Next, from the “Settings” menu, choose “Passwords & Accounts

Step 3

Within the “Accounts” menu, tap on “Add Account“.

Note – if you already have one or more email accounts set up on this device, and just want to change them to use SMTP2Go’s delivery servers, just tap on the account you wish to change, then scroll down to Step 9 below.


Step 4

From the bottom of the list of “account types”, choose “Other

Step 5

When the ‘Other’ page loads, choose the “Add Mail Account” option

Step 6

In the ‘New Account‘ screen, enter your:

  • Name (as you wish it to appear when sending emails)
  • Full email address
  • Password for your inbound mail server
  • Description (how you want the account to appear on your own Apple device)

When you have filled in these details, tap on the “Next” button at the top right of the screen.


Step 7

With the next screen, you need to fill in the access credentials for both your inbound and outbound mail servers.

Because you are using SMTP2Go for your outbound mail, these credentials will very likely be different.

Step 8

Firstly, in the “INCOMING MAIL SERVER” section, add in the Host Name, User Name and Password for retrieving your email from your inbound server.

Note – if you are simply updating an existing account to use SMTP2Go for outbound, skip this step.

When this is done, scroll the screen up to show the “OUTGOING MAIL SERVER” details.


Step 9

In the “OUTGOING MAIL SERVER” section, add the SMTP credentials you have created (or have been given)  for sending email through SMTP2Go’s servers.


Step 10

After completing these details, and tapping ‘Next‘, the device will attempt to verify these details.

In doing so, it will try to connect to both the inbound and outbound servers, and ensure the server and login details you have given are all correct.

If either the inbound or outbound server details are incorrect, the app will tell you, and won’t allow you to progress until you enter the right information.

But if both the inbound and outbound servers are successfully verified, the device will go to the final stage of the setup.

Step 11

If you see this screen, then your details have been successfully verified. All you need to do then is tap on the “Save” button to save the account.

Step 12

After you have saved this account, it will then appear in your list of mail accounts.

From this point, you should be able to send email through SMTP2Go’s network.

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