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  • Social Proof: User-Generated Content in Emails

    Marketing Masters know how to sell, but it’s often your friend, neighbor or favorite Instagrammer who’s calling the shots when it comes to what you’re reading, buying and clicking on. Their reviews, posts and recommendations are called user-generated content or social proof, and whether you notice it or not, you’re listening! Nielsen’s Global Trust in […]

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    How to Search for an Email in your Inbox

    Experiencing a serious case of Overwhelming-Inbox? Avoid the turmoil of finding an important email among an avalanche of messages and discover how to effectively perform an email search. We’ve gathered a series of tips to help you find that email you’ve been looking for. Clicking through hundreds of archived emails can feel like a full-time […]

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    Email Carbon Footprint: a Worry or Not?

    That joke is a real winner, but is emailing it around a real waste? While hitting send may feel harmless, your emailing habits could be causing a serious email carbon footprint. With new research showing an environmental cost, and other researchers concluding emails are a negligible drop in the ocean, is it really a concern […]

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    Email Marketing Trends for 2021

    We’re all ready to turn over a new leaf for 2021 but, before we leave 2020 in the dust, it’s time to see the mark it left on email marketing. Where has the year of the pandemic taken the humble email, and where is it sending us in this shiny new year? Keep on top […]

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    Make Your Emails Look Great in Dark Mode

    For those late night email-checkers and evening-scrollers, emails in Dark Mode can feel easier on the eyes, and easier on the battery life too. But once a user makes the switch to Dark Mode, you don’t want your email to be the one sticking out like a sore thumb. As multiple operating systems and email […]

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    How To Make Your Welcome Email Pop!

    It’s always nerve-racking making new friends. You want to get the niceties just right and have the perfect timing too. Yikes – it can be such a minefield! Like a potential BFF, a brand new subscriber is an exciting time for your business, and luckily there’s plenty that can be done to keep them hanging […]

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