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  • Holiday Vibes: Effective Out of Office Messages

    Whether you’re counting the minutes until your break away, or can barely be torn from your beloved inbox, a holiday only really begins with one important email – the Out of Office. A concise and effective Out of Office gives you the confidence to enjoy a real break from your device, knowing your clients and […]

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    The Best Fonts and Sizes for Email

    You may be a master wordsmith, but your message goes well beyond the words on the page. Like reading between the lines, your users can use your key design choices to determine a lot about your company. Be on the front foot with your choices of fonts with these helpful tips. Your choice of typography […]

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    Why You Need to Use the ‘View this Email in your Browser’ Feature

    After curating a marketing email that’s the perfect balance of text to images, taglines to icons, and all topped off with a killer call-to-action, the last thing you want is blocks of unsightly breakages. While you may be the composer of an effective email, you don’t get to push the buttons once it lands in […]

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    Be Aware: Spam, Phishing & Malicious Email Trends

    In a year that has left us all feeling more vulnerable than ever, don’t let your inbox cause an ounce of extra stress. Stop those traps in their tracks and learn just how to spot a bad email in action. With our set of tips, discover just what to look for and exactly how to […]

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    Social Proof: User-Generated Content in Emails

    Marketing Masters know how to sell, but it’s often your friend, neighbor or favorite Instagrammer who’s calling the shots when it comes to what you’re reading, buying and clicking on. Their reviews, posts and recommendations are called user-generated content or social proof, and whether you notice it or not, you’re listening! Nielsen’s Global Trust in […]

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    How to Search for an Email in your Inbox

    Experiencing a serious case of Overwhelming-Inbox? Avoid the turmoil of finding an important email among an avalanche of messages and discover how to effectively perform an email search. We’ve gathered a series of tips to help you find that email you’ve been looking for. Clicking through hundreds of archived emails can feel like a full-time […]

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