Why would we need SMTP2GO?

Every person, and every business, needs a reliable outgoing email server for sending emails, whether those emails are sent to individuals or to large mailing lists.

When it comes to choosing an outgoing email server, you essentially have 3 choices:

  1. Use your ISP's SMTP server or your webhost's mail sending engine. These often come with daily restrictions on the number of emails you can send (sometimes this restriction is as low as 200 emails/day), and the server likely has nobody ensuring its high reputation is consistently maintained.
  2. Purchase a dedicated server for sending email from a reliable company such as Rackspace. The cost of an entry-level dedicated server is around $750 per month. Additionally, you should also hire in-house IT personnel to ensure the server is correctly setup and monitored to ensure that email deliverability rates do not get affected.
  3. The final option is to join one of SMTP2GO's plans, and know that for a low monthly fee you are also buying years of experience in ensuring the highest possible email deliverability rates. See our Full Features page to read more about how we work to ensure high email deliverability rates. You can focus on what you do best, and leave us to professionally handle all issues regarding outgoing email.

We need reliability. How reliable is SMTP2GO?

SMTP2GO has reliability as its number one priority. We've been in operation since 2006, and handle the outgoing email for over 85,000 customers. We maintain feedback loop relationships with all major email providers (Hotmail, AOL etc.) and constantly monitor blacklists to ensure our servers retain the highest possible reputation. Servers are hosted with one of the most trusted Internet providers, with near-zero downtime.

What if we have numerous email addresses that often change? Do we need to constantly update these with SMTP2GO?

Thankfully, no. SMTP2GO lets you send from any email address. You can also choose to restrict your account to only allow emails to be sent from certain domain names or email addresses.

Is SMTP2GO authenticated and secure?

Yes - SMTP2GO supports all methods of authentication (this simply means using an SMTP username/password) and security used by all major email software. The choice of whether to use TLS/SSL is entirely your decision.

Is SMTP2GO easy to set up?

Yes! Setting up SMTP2GO is no more difficult than entering your email settings for your regular ISP. Just to make it easier, though, we've provided setup instructions for most mail programs (both Windows and Mac). View the 2 minute setup.

Will SMTP2GO work even if port 25 is blocked?

Yes - SMTP2GO is open on 4 different ports (25, 2525, 8025 and 587). We recommend using port 2525. (Again, full setup instructions are available in our 2 minute setup guide).

TLS is available on the same ports, and SSL is available on ports 465, 2465 and 8465.

What about attachments? Can they be sent?

Yes - send any attachments, up to 50MB in size per email.

We have a large mailing list. Can we send to that?

SMTP2GO has strict rules for sending to lists that contain more than 100 email addresses. The following rules must be followed when sending to such lists:

  • Lists must be 100% opt-in. This means that you must have obtained the permission of your recipients to send them emails. Examples of lists that are not allowed are purchased lists, email addresses scoured from the Internet, and marketing leads.
  • In addition, lists must be up-to-date, and have had emails sent to them recently (within the previous 3 months). We closely monitor the percentage of bouncing/invalid email addresses and take action where necessary.
  • An opt-out (unsubscribe) link must be placed at the bottom of each email which will allow the recipients to immediately remove themselves from the maillist.
  • Emails must not contain content related to the industries mentioned in the terms of service.

Which emailing software is most suitable for sending to mailing lists?

See our recommended software for sending to mailing lists.

What about SPF records and DKIM?

If you send emails from your own domain name, you need to check your domain name's SPF record. We've got a quick SPF guide to follow. We automatically sign emails with DKIM, so you don't need to do anything unless you'd prefer custom DKIM.

What happens if we reach our monthly limit?

We send you a notification email if your account ever reaches 80%, 90% and 100% of its monthly limit. You can send up to two times your monthly limit, and any extra emails (above your monthly limit) are simply charged at 1.25x your regular per-email rate. You can also upgrade your account at any time.

What are your prices like?

You can view all of our prices on the pricing page.

You can always upgrade/downgrade your plan at a later date, so don't worry about "locking yourself" into one particular plan or another. Note: An email sent to multiple recipients is counted as multiple emails. So if a sender enters 5 email addresses in their "To:" field, and also enters 4 other addresses in their "Cc:" field, that counts as sending 9 emails.

Is there any guarantee?

Service is guaranteed - your emails will be delivered, or you get your money back. We have a full 60 day money-back guarantee. We operate a strict anti-spam policy which means that we only allow legitimate customers to use our servers. This ensures that our servers stay off blacklists.

If you run into any problems at any stage, our Support Team is available to help and will assist you with any configuration issues you may have.

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