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Below is the simple guide on how to configure HubSpot to send outgoing emails using your SMTP2GO’s SMTP Server.

Step 1

Log in to your HubSpot account. Go to the  Settings >> Integrations  >>  Email Integrations.

Click the Connect an inbox under Connected Emails tab.

Step 2

Click the Other mail account.

Step 3

Click the Connect inbox button.

Step 4

Enter your Email address and Password to the respective fields.

Click the Advanced Options. Enter your IMAP Username into the Username field. Under Incoming Mail (IMAP) section, enter  or update Server name and Port number into the respective fields if the auto detected details by HubSpot is not correct.

Under, Outgoing Mail (SMTP) section, enter mail.smtp2go.com into the Server field and 587 into the Port field. You can also try using Port Numbers 2525 or 8025.

Please note that the username and password for the IMAP server and SMTP2GO mail server must match for this to work.

Click the Connect inbox button.

Step 5

Click the Accept and connect button.

Step 6

Click the Done button.

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