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Step 1

Exchange Server can be difficult to setup – we advise also making use of the following guide offered by external Exchange consultants:

Step 2

Open the Exchange System Manager on the Exchange Server.

Expand the Servers folder. To do so, click the plus sign (+) to the left of the Servers. Under Servers, expand the Organization -> Protocols -> SMTP.

Right-click on your default SMTP Virtual Server and select the Properties.

Select the Delivery tab. Click the Outbound Security button.

Select the Basic authentication (password is sent in clear text) option.

Click to select the Requires TLS encryption check box.

Enter your SMTP2GO Username into User name, and your SMTP2GO Password into Password. Click OK.

Click the Advanced button on the Delivery tab.

Enter mail.smtp2go.com into Smart host and click “Ok”.

Step 3

Expand the Connectors folder. Right-click the SMTP Connector and select Properties.

Please Note: If you do not find the Connectors folder, then you could find it under the Routing Groups folder.

On the General tab, select the Forward all mail through this connector to the following smart hosts option. Enter your account’s SMTP server in this field. Click OK.

On the Advanced tab, select the ETRN/TURN option. Click the Outbound Security button. Select the Basic authentication (password is send in clear text) option and click the Modify button.

Enter your SMTP2GO Username into User, and your SMTP2GO Password into Password. Click OK.

Step 4


Exchange Server 2007 (and newer) sends all Out of Office (OOF) Notifications from a blank sender email address. If you are using Exchange Server 2007 (or newer) you should go to the ‘Settings > Sending Options’ page in your SMTP2GO control panel, and turn ‘Blank Senders’ ON. That will allow OOF Notifications to be sent.

You must also ensure that you enable the ‘Filter recipients who are not in the Directory’ option under ‘Recipient Filtering’ under ‘Message Delivery Properties’ in the Exchange Server’s Global Settings. This will ensure that your Exchange Server will not be open to sending backscatter spam. See here and here for more information about this issue.

Note: If you see an error ‘550 unable to verify sender address’ when trying to send an email after setting up, this means your ‘From’ email address doesn’t have a valid MX record setup yet. All emails must be sent from an email address that has an MX record at its domain name.

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