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UX Designer

Type: Full time, Permanent Location: Remote (within USA or Europe timezones)

We have an opening for a UX Designer to join our team. This is a remote position, for anyone in a USA or Europe timezone. We’re very family-oriented and recognize the importance of time spent with family for all our employees, and that not everyone wants to spend a huge chunk of their life travelling to/from work and sitting in an office.

What you’ll be doing:

Coming up with brilliant ideas and designs, including web page mock-ups and associated imagery, for both our marketing website, and customer-facing app.

What you’ll need for this:

What you’ll get:

A competitive salary, travel to international events if so desired, experience working with an international team (we have workers in 9 countries around the world, but we’re headquartered in New Zealand), and experience working with an email service provider, in a multi-billion dollar market.
Please do get in touch!

How to apply:

Location:Location: Remote (within USA or Europe timezones)
Type:Type: Full time, Permanent
Pay and benefits:Depending on applicant
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