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Remote Native-English Support Agent

Type: Full time Location: South America, Eastern Europe, or South-east Asia.

This job is for a native English speaker. The nature of the work involves detailed English writing and communications with other native English speakers.

We have a full-time customer communication position available. As this job is working from home, you can work from any location, however we are currently targeting South America (especially Colombia), Eastern Europe, or South-east Asia.

We’re looking for someone with great people skills, high energy and enthusiasm, a fair amount of cleverness and the ability to work from home in a quiet environment. Office space can be provided if required. You’ll be responsible for:

You’ll need:

Neat things about working with us:

How to apply:

Location:Location: South America, Eastern Europe, or South-east Asia.
Type:Type: Full time
Pay and benefits:To be negotiated