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    Sending Options: SMTP2GO Feature Update

    Our developers have been busy at work updating the Sending Options feature of your SMTP2GO account. Previously, our dashboard allowed you to restrict sending through your account to a fixed list of email addresses. However, this didn’t allow you to block sending from a particular address. With the new Sending Options feature, you can now […]

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    SMTP2GO New Feature: Streamlining your Account Activity

    We’ve listened to customer feedback, and put our developers to work to create a smoother, more streamlined user experience. Your dashboard now has a new page called “Activity” which will conveniently list (in one place) all events that happen to emails sent through your account. We’ve removed the need to have separate report pages, each […]

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    SMTP2GO Feature: Email Archiving

    Industry standards dictate that data is stored for a maximum of 30 days, but what happens if you need to search for an email sent further back than this? This is a request that we often receive from customers and we’re always happy to explain about our email archiving feature. Email archiving Our email archiving […]

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    Open Tracking is Now Available!

    Did you know that open tracking is now available with SMTP2GO? Open Tracking is an essential metric in measuring how effective your emails are at being delivered to your recipients’ inboxes and capturing their attention. It’s a great way to see how captivating your emails are and offers endless ways for you to test subject […]

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    Feature Spotlight: Email Testing!

    If you’ve taken advantage of one of our higher volume plans (100k+), you have to try out our Email Testing feature! Just log into your SMTP2GO dashboard, then go to “Reports > Email Testing“. From there, you can input your ‘From’ name and email address, email subject and HTML code. One you’ve created your test […]

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    Need an SMTP Option for SalesForce? We’ve Got a Solution!

      SalesForce is a Customer Relationship Management platform that allows you to manage sales, service and marketing all in the one place. It’s a great one-stop solution for all of your customer management. If you’re looking for an SMTP service to work with your account, you’ll be glad to hear that SMTP2GO is now fully […]

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