by Charlie Abrahamson, Christchurch, New Zealand

Don't you find it totally frustrating trying to do the seemingly simple task of sending an email? Are you baffled by cryptic '550 Relaying Denied' or 'Relaying Not Allowed' messages, without a clue about how to fix the problem?

Well, believe it or not, you aren't alone! Every day, thousands of people run into the exact same brick wall that you now find yourself up against. The reason is simple – your normal SMTP server (outgoing mail server) simply does not work from wherever you are currently located. In fact, almost all SMTP servers are designed so that they reject all attempts to send emails by anyone who is not connected to the internet through the particular ISP who runs the SMTP server (this is an attempt to reduce spam).

So, "how do I fix the problem?", you ask. Option 1 is to try and find the SMTP server of the ISP who you are currently connected to the internet through and then change the SMTP server setting within your email software to match this SMTP server. If you are in an internet cafe, this might not be so easy, and hotels and other wireless networks very rarely actually have an SMTP server that you can use.

Or, you can choose the easy and better option (by the way, "easy" means that in 2 minutes you will be sending emails again), by choosing an SMTP server that will work every time from any location in the world. Better yet, choose an SMTP server that is also open on more ports than just the standard (port 25), just in case that port gets blocked by your current network.

SMTP2GO provides such an SMTP server – one that can safely and easily be used from any location. The old solution of trying to find a local SMTP server that will work in your current location (wherever you happen to turn up) can quickly turn into an infuriating, and in many cases impossible, task.

Imagine changing your SMTP server setting once, and never having to touch it again! This is the advantage of using an SMTP server such as SMTP2GO. Different plans are available which are designed for different levels of volume - see Pricing for specific details on plans.

As founder of SMTP2GO, living in New Zealand, and regularly traveling through different countries including Argentina, the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and South-East Asia, I have become acutely aware of just how annoying the lack of a functioning SMTP server really can be. Whether I was in a hotel, internet cafe, airport or other wireless network, I was always presented with the same problem - I couldn't send emails. This is why I decided to put an end to the frustration once and for all, and run an SMTP service that will work from anywhere.

SMTP2GO is guaranteed to work with any existing email software including Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, iPhones and Android. Visit Home, go to Features to discover more about SMTP2GO, or Try it Out and start sending emails in 2 minutes, 100% FREE!

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