An SMTP Server that Does Not Require Authentication

Many devices have a need to send emails through an SMTP server. The problem that many people face is that a large number of these devices do not have any place in their settings to enter an SMTP username or password — otherwise known as SMTP authentication. In order to get these devices to work, you need an SMTP that can work with no authentication.

SMTP2GO provides an SMTP server that doesn’t require authentication, and can thus be used by these devices (routers, webcams, faxes, printers, security devices, storage devices etc.) The Linksys NAS200 (pictured) is an example of a device that needs an SMTP server that doesn’t require authentication. Please note that Gmail’s SMTP server cannot be used in these situations, as it requires that a username and password be used.

To use SMTP2GO with no SMTP authentication, you need to add your sender email address into your SMTP2GO control panel (Settings > More > Address Authentication). Alternatively, you can authorise an IP address to be allowed to send (if you will always send from a fixed IP address).




Yes… I’m that user who would like to send email from NAS200 box and found that despite of user creditentials set NAS200 does NOT try to authenticate itself – it’s one of most ridiculous things I saw from such hardware – second is, that it allow to set SMTP server port but only…. 25 or 1024-65535 😀

Blame to you, Cisco, and thank you, SMTP2Go.

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